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Indigenous Miyawaki Reforestation in Indonesia
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What is a Miyawaki forest?
Professor Akira Miyawaki was a Japanese botanist and an expert in plant ecology who specialized in seeds and natural forests. A true Dungbeetle, he won the Blue Planet prize for his lifelong dedication to natural reforestation until his death aged 94.

Google him, he is a total legend. Then Bing him for a second opinion. 
Who is Junglo?
After graduating from Green School Bali, Chayton Thompson teamed up with Green School Teachers Mo Camacho and Noan Fesnoux. Together they set out on a mission to educate people on Miyawaki reforestation and to create bespoke Miyawaki forests in Bali, Indonesia.
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How are these forests better than conventional reforestation?
By feeding the soil microbes, Junglo can successfully regenerate entire ecosystems. By the time a Junglo forest of 10 x 10 meters reaches it's full maturity it has sequestered more than 6,000 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide and consists of around 400 trees. Junglo also includes endangered trees in their forests; saving these endangered trees is worth doing.  

In short, Junglo Miyawaki forests are badass; they grow up to 60 meters tall and have a tree survival rate up to 97%.

If all forests were the cast of Grease, Junglo’s Miyawaki forests would be Danny Zuko (or at the very least Kenickie).
What happens when I buy a Junglo Miyawaki Forest?
Like all Dungbeetles, the guys at Junglo are dedicated to reforestation; they don’t shout about it; they get on with it. The only thing slowing them down is sales, which is where we come in. When purchasing a Junglo Miyawaki, you fund a reforestation project and we issue an NFT representing it. The money goes directly to Junglo to get them to work.
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