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We are putting ducks on the Blockchain to help create the world's first Carbon-Negative eggs.
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Who is Parc Carreg?
Parc Carreg is a farm run by Josh and Abi. Josh and Abi quit their corporate jobs in 2015 and bought 10 acres of land in Wales, UK, to prove that quitting your job and starting a small regenerative farm can be financially sustainable. Parc Carreg is the only farm in the United Kingdom that produces certified organic duck eggs.

After many years of highly challenging dungbeetlery, Josh and Abi are realizing that doing so is extremely difficult and maybe impossible. Josh and Abi began to look at ways to make money and have some innovative plans in their quest to produce the world’s first carbon-negative duck eggs.
Why are the?
In 2022 the war in Ukraine pushed up duck feed prices, and they had to make the heartbreaking decision to kill 200 of their 500 ducks (the ducks became premium pet food - lucky dogs and cats!).

We are issuing the existing ducks to bring much-needed money to the farm and stop the duck-mageddon. The farm can take 700 more ducks (to a maximum of 1,000).
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Can ducks help save the world?

Parc Carreg is a Regenerative organic farm. There are lots of different interpretations of the term Regenerative - in a nutshell Josh and Abi's goal is to make the world a better place using the power of ducks, trees, worms and compost.

But what does this actually mean?

If you allow us to get technical for a moment - it means boosting biodiversity, sequestering carbon, building soil, improving animal welfare, and of course - producing nutritious food!

Each duck on Parc Carreg, over its lifetime, will lay over 500 eggs and produce roughly 60 liters of pure vermicompost - the most nutritious organic regenerative plant food on the planet. Josh and Abi are using the magic combination of worms, wood chips and duck manure to produce this powerful bio fertilizer which will be available for the wizards with green fingers to grow super lush plants.

If all ducks were musicians, Parc Carreg ducks would be Dave Grohl.
What happens when I buy a Parc Carreg duck?
Investing in the duck economy is no joke; not only are you helping build a better world, but your duck is also living its best life in Wales.

Industry standard is to kill ducks before they are 18 months old. Parc Carreg’s ducks will live for 2x longer before it is off to the premium petfood heaven (don’t be upset about this, it’s farming, and it is not always old McDonald skipping through the wheatfields holding hands with Mrs. McDonald, but we at least double the lifespan of the ducks).

You know when your weird uncle gifts you a goat in Africa to support a low-income family instead of buying you a real Christmas present?

Do you ever wonder if that goat actually exists? Or whether it has been sold to 20 other people too?

Each Parc Carreg duck NFT represents a real-life duck on the Parc Carreg farm in Wales. The unique code on your NFT corresponds to the unique code on the duck’s leg.

Your duck actually exists, and no one else has bought it. If you want, you can go visit Parc Carreg in Wales and camp in style with the ducks!
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