Turning cow manure into green gold.

Indonesia's first small-scale biodigester
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What is a su-re.co biodigester?
Su-re.co’s Biodigester enables local farmers to turn cow manure and food waste into biogas for their stoves and organic fertilizer for their crops. When you buy a Biodigester, that means 1 local Balinese farmer no longer uses firewood or LPG gas to fuel their stoves and chemical fertilizer for their farms while saving money.
Who is su-re.co?
Su-re.co is a Think-Do-Be Tank. Founder Takeshi Takama is a Japanese eco-scientist genius (yes, that is his official title).

Together with a group of young scientists, engineers, and sustainable business developers, Takeshi founded su-re.co and invented Indonesia's first-ever small-scale biodigester. Su-re.co's biodigester allows for a more efficient approach to agriculture, food waste, gas consumption, & organic fertilizer while improving the lives of local Balinese farmers.

These biodigesters probably represent the best bang for your buck when it comes to carbon sequestration. Not just that, Su-re.co's biodigesters have other really great side benefits:

- Less chemical fertilizer is used on local Balinese farms.

- Cooking is done with biogas instead of fossil fuels.

- The farmer saves money and improves their health.

There is a lot to love.
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Why are su-re.co biodigesters so good?
The Biodigesters are designed to be simple, easy to use, & cheap.

It is what we like to call a true engineering miracle when genius, complexity, and benefit are mixed together in one ingenious product that has an outsize impact and is easy to use.

Each su-re.co biodigester has an integrated flow meter so we can calculate precisely how much biogas is produced, which allows us to accurately calculate how much carbon dioxide is sequestered.

On average, su-re.co's biodigesters sequester 1,000 Kg of Carbon Dioxide every year.

If Biodigesters were cars, su-re.co Biodigesters would be Teslas.
What happens when I buy a Biodigester?
Like all Dungbeetles, the su-re.co team is dedicated to their mission as gift makers to the earth; they don’t shout about it; they just get on with it.

The only thing slowing them down is sales, which is where we can help. By purchasing a su-re.co Biodigester, you fund a Biodigester for a Balinese farmer that you can track with our metadata dashboard.

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