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Clean water to Indonesia.

Terra's eco-friendly water filters provide life-saving clean water to Indonesian communities and families, crucially impacting areas where, tragically, 20,000 children under the age of five die each year because of contaminated water.

If all water filters were musicians, Terra filters would be Mozart.

Revolutionizing green energy.'s Biodigester enables local farmers to convert cow manure and food waste into biogas for their stoves and organic fertilizer for their crops.

By utilizing an integrated data sensor, we can monitor the farmer's biodigester usage in real-time, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and chemical fertilizers.

If Biodigesters were cars, Biodigesters would be Teslas.

Helping forests make a comeback.
Junglo's forests are far more than simple tree planting. Junglo employs the Miyawaki method, using 100% indigenous tree species and achieving a planting density 30 times higher than traditional reforestation.

Junglo's forests naturally grow 10 times faster and possess 100 times more soil biodiversity compared to conventional reforestation.

If all forests were characters from the movie Grease, Junglo's Miyawaki forests would be Danny Zuko (or at the very least Kenickie).

Farming for the future.

Parc Carreg is a Regenerative organic farm.

Parc Carreg's goal is to make the world a better place using the power of ducks, trees, worms and compost.

Each duck on Parc Carreg, over its lifetime, will lay over 500 eggs and produce roughly 60 liters of pure vermicomst - the most nutritious organic regenerative plant food on the planet.

If all ducks were musicians, Parc Carreg ducks would be Dave Grohl.

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Real Projects 💛 Real Action
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Renat Heuberger

CEO, Southpole

I have met Freddie, and what he is doing at Dungbeetle is filling a market gap to support smaller eco-projects. We look forward to supporting him as these projects scale to a size where an official certification is economically viable.

Leslie Medema

Head of Campus, Green School Bali

Dungbeetle gave me an opportunity to engage with my carbon footprint in a way that made me feel I could actively make a meaningful impact alongside my fellow humans.


Yoga teacher trainer

For the first time in a long time, I feel confident in my climate action. Being able to track the impact of an eco-project has brought back my confidence in a failing industry.

Florian Holm

Founder Stilt Studios & Grün Resorts

Dungbeetle is a game-changer when it comes to integrating sustainable goals into our customer experience. Rather than committing to ESG goals in distant parts of the world we are committed to a greener planet right here in our backyard, which is visible to our customers in an authentic and meaningful way.



Usually, paying for sustainable projects means ticking a box so some corporation can say that they're saving a forest that turns out to not even exist. With Dungbeetle though, I know exactly where my money is going.

Jonathan Mizzi

Director Mizza Studios

With so much greenwashing going on in the world it's hard to know where to put your money these days. Dungbeetle is instrumental in helping us fulfill our sustainability goals.

Ty Powers

Cofounder of the Insight Yoga Institute

Every time I fly, my carbon footprint is on my mind (I fly a lot), but each time I go to ‘offset’ my impact, I can’t help but feel conned. Dungbeetle provides an authentic and human connection to my climate action.


Parent & action-taker

A fantastic initiative, Dungbeetle made it effortless, and I really appreciated the transparency on the impact I had.

John Hardy

Founder of John Hardy, Green School Bali & Bambu Indah

We use the biogas at Bambu Indah, the real kicker is that we can track our biogas usage, updated regularly. This gives people a really good reason to donate.


Hotel Owner

I love those dungbeetles, eating our waste & turning it into something better. Just like the biodigester, turning cow manure into energy & power.


Hotel Owner

Right now, the world needs compelling businesses that generate positive impact, run by genuinely good people. Dungbeetle scores high across all three. We’re super excited to be a part of this brilliant movement.


Former ESG Executive

Dungbeetle is a brilliant example of the practical usage of available technologies to achieve tangible and measurable results in CO2 emissions reduction. The blockchain technology ensures the monitoring of the projects and their performance.

Tim Prebble

Dad & Contractor

I recently purchased a biodigester. This is only the beginning of what this young startup company will achieve.
I’m excited to be part of this, delivering supporting farmers through cooking gas AND compost whilst being able to monitor this in real time. Amazing.